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As parents, we want our children to be healthy, happy, and successful. We want them to grow, to acquire new skills and knowledge, to discover their special gifts and talents, and to form gratifying relationships with others. Human development, however, does not always proceed in a simple and consistent manner. All children go through stages of internal conflict which might lead to changes in behavior and emotional state. Some children have trouble coping with transitions, family changes (e.g. a birth of a sibling, a divorce), traumatic events, losses, and physical illness. At times, normal development may be blocked or thwarted due to a developmental, neurological, or psychological disorder. When parents become concerned, they often refer to parenting books and magazines. While a wealth of information can be gained through such resources, they will not always be able to explain what is happenning to your specific child. Understanding the child's experiences, their feelings and thoughts, is the first step towards helping them. If you want to gain an insight into why your child has certain difficulties and how to help them, you might consider consulting with a licensed child psychologist or licensed child psychotherapist. Children's difficulties are often related to the family dynamics, maladaptive patterns of communication and/or the parents' relationship as a couple. To address these larger contexts, we also offer family therapy and marriage counselling as well as individual adult therapy.

Our centre located just north of Toronto offers a full range of contortion and psychotherapy services. Our licensed and experienced child psychologists and psychotherapists diagnose and treat children and teenagers with learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), oppositional-defiant disorder, intermittent explosive disorder (anger problems), anxiety, depression, self-injury behavior, or autism spectrum disorders (incl. Asperger's syndrome).

After an initial consultation, a child psychologist or a child therapist may suggest psychological evaluation to determine the underlying causes of the observed behavior. Our psychological testing services include (443) 865-8103, (216) 584-8987, and 9013331378 (incl. 4703983115 and learning disabilities testing). Based on the results of psychological testing, we may choose to address a child's issues through cognitive-behavioural therapy, play therapy, family therapy, or relational psychodynamic therapy.

We also conduct (706) 977-4633 and cognitive profile assessments for children and teenagers and 4238631176 for teenagers and young adults.

Our office in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Our therapy services are offered in English, Russian, Hebrew, Farsi, Spanish and Portuguese. We are located in south Richmond Hill and easily accessible from Toronto, North York, Thornhill, Maple, Markham, Vaughan, Woodbridge, Aurora, and Newmarket. The fees are within the guidelines suggested by the Ontario Psychological Association, and can be fully or partially covered by extended health insurance plans provided by your employer. Feel free to contact us by phone or email if you require further assistance.
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Dr. Tali Shenfield, Ph.D, C.Psych
Clinical Director of Richmond Hill Psychology Centre

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Psychological Services for Adults, Couples, and Families

Just as our physical body loses its resilience and accumulates toxins throughout the years, our mind accumulates the burdens of our lives and becomes polluted with repressed emotions, painful experiences, ineffective defense mechanisms, old beliefs and harmful habits. Unfortunately, it is not yet the norm in our society to take as good care of our mental self as of our physical bodies. This trend, however, has been gradually changing as mounting scientific evidence indicates that many physical disorders are rooted in psychological causes. More and more people are seeking to improve the quality of their lives through counselling, psychotherapy, or coaching.


The objectives of therapy differ from client to client, however, they often include such goals as facilitating self-insight, increasing self-esteem to empower the client to create positive change, teaching self-management techniques in order to reduce stress and improve relationships, and helping the client process and accept experiences and feelings. Achieving these changes allows the clients to experience a greater sense of emotional well-being, to see their past and present life with greater clarity, and to take a more active role in shaping their future.


Individual therapy can help to resolve:

  • Marital and family conflict
  • Chronic anxiety, panic attacks, and/or phobias
  • Anger management problems, difficulty regulating emotions
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Interpersonal difficulties
  • Problems related to early trauma (unprocessed loss and grief; childhood abuse, etc)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder; acute stress
  • Overwhelming feelings of grief and bereavement
  • Addiction and substance abuse issues
  • Living with a chronic physical or mental condition

Our licensed psychotherapists have decades of experience in working with adult clients. We use an integrative approach, combining different types of therapy such as Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Person Centered Therapy (PCT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Meaning-Centered Therapy.


We believe that each person has a natural capacity for healing, growth and transformation. By providing compassionate and supportive guidance, we help our clients find and use their inner resources to heal past trauma, adapt to challenging life circumstances, and develop their strength and resilience to its full extent. We treat each person as a unique individual and respect their beliefs, experiences, and unique gifts.


We are privileged to work with people from many cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds. We provide psychotherapy services in English, Farsi, Hebrew, Russian, and Spanish.


We offer the following psychological services for adults:

  • Individual Therapy and counselling
  • Couples and Marriage counselling
  • Family Therapy
  • Stress Reduction Programs
  • Attention and Memory Training
  • Parenting Seminars
  • Short Term Solution-Based counselling

More information is available on our psychological services for adults page

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Free Online Gifted Screening Test

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Child Anxiety

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